Bosch releases new ABS and ESP fluid range

Bosch has released its latest brake fluids, ENV 4 and ENV 6 Black Line, and both the ranges provide improvements to ESP and ABS reaction times and wear levels.

ENV 4 and ENV 6 protect ABS and ESP from wear due to a high lubrication capacity and is released according to the OEM standards of Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda.

A total of eight product references have been produced – five for ENV 4 and three for ENV 6, ranging from 0.5 to 60 litres.

The latest formula developed by Bosch has its lowest fluidity yet, which ensures of shorter ESP reaction times, while a higher wet boiling time lowers the risk of steam bubble formation – the highest cause of brake failure worldwide.

A lower viscosity means smaller levels of compression are needed to be placed on the ABS and ESP to react to driver needs.

A longer shelf life for motor factors

ENV 4 is compatible with all DOT 4-Standards, while ENV 6 is compatible with all DOT Standards, with the exception of DOT 5 silicone brake fluid & hydraulics fluid.

The latest Bosch fluids can be used for 60 months unopened, delivering a five-year shelf life for motor factors.

Bosch brake fluids ENV 4 and the high-performance version, ENV 6 ensure all braking systems after 1990 can be catered for.

The high lubricity of Bosch ENV 6 minimises both noise and wear inside ABS and ESP® systems.

Additionally, the newly developed brake fluids reduce corrosion within brake systems, after tests revealed fewer bubbles formed, which facilitates increased service intervals for ENV 6.

ENV 6 has a three-year replacement interval, while ENV 4 needs to be replaced every two years.

Find out more about Bosch and its other automotive aftermarket products by clicking here.

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