Why you should consider offering your customers a Free Vehicle Inspection

A difficult trading environment to navigate

Following the Covid-19 outbreak the aftermarket faces a difficult period. The government’s decision to extend MoT’s due from 30 March onwards by 6 months is likely to reduce the number of tests taken this spring and summer, along with revenue from any essential repairs arising from the MoT itself.

In these uncertain times customers may also be tempted to skip their regular service, particularly with job security and future incomes under threat. However, what’s unlikely to change is their desire to be driving a safe and reliable car.

Why not offer a Free Vehicle Inspection to drive revenue?

A Free Vehicle Inspection enables your customers to ensure their vehicle is safe, with the potential to provide revenue from any urgent repairs or maintenance.  For instance, previous research from Yuasa suggests that in normal circumstances 1 in 10 cars require a new battery, whilst past research from Comma showed almost half of all cars are low on oil. These are just two potential sources of revenue that a free vehicle inspection would identify.

Lockdown woes cause maintenance issues

The lockdown represents another reason your customers should be keen for their vehicle to be checked. An extended period of infrequent use, such as during the current lockdown, can have an adverse effect on many components.

Without proper care over time batteries can discharge, brakes may seize, tyres can develop flat spots and under bonnet fluids can degrade. The longer the lockdown continues, the greater the risk of component damage.

Download a Free Vehicle Inspection Sheet

The Parts Alliance have developed a free Vehicle Inspection Sheet, which can be downloaded below.

The checklist enables technicians to review a range of components including: tyres; brakes; lights; wiper blades; under bonnet fluids; battery and oil level. The condition of the various components can be marked red, amber or green, with those marked red requiring urgent attention. There’s also space on the sheet to provide an estimate for any remedial work.

Following this Free Vehicle Inspection Sheet can provide customers the peace of mind that their vehicle is roadworthy or highlight issues that require urgent attention.

Social Banners to promote this offer!

The Parts Alliance have produced a range of banners that can be used on your Facebook page and other social platforms. You can download these for free, should you choose to offer this service to your customers.  See below for download link.

Marketing Support

Free Vehicle Inspection Sheet

Provide your customers with peace of mind that their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.

Social banners to promote this offer!

Promotional banners that can be used on your Facebook page and other social platforms.

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